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Are you ready to go back to school…as an SLP? Pt. 1

July 7th, 2017 | Posted by Allie in Education Services

Speech-language deficits are the most common of childhood disabilities and affect about 1 in 12 preschool children, according to the Medscape Journal of Medicine. There is a broad need for School Language Pathologists or SLPs in every school across our country. But it takes a particular SLP to fill those important shoes that walk the classrooms every day.

Seek Creativity

Kids love exploring, and as an SLP, being open to new experiences and infusing an element of creativity can work magic in all directions. Seek out new therapies or exercises that will not only help you grow as an SLP but also nurture the growth you seek in your clients. The web is chock full of blogs, Pinterest boards and studies waiting for you to explore.

Organize to Thrive

You sit down to write an Individual Education Plan or IEP for a student you met with recently. You pull out your detailed files from past sessions and come up with a plan you think fits the child’s specific needs. Now rethink that scenario had you skipped the detailed note taking and left it up to your memory to recall the specifics? It would likely be more challenging and result in a less impactful IEP and perhaps a headache. Staying organized and keeping progress notes up to date will make your life easier and your work more effective.

Want more back to school tips as an SLP? Come back next week for Part Two of our Back to School as an SLP series!

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