So many benefits. So many reasons to join us.

Comprehensive Health Coverage

Rest easy knowing that PPR has you covered while on contract. We offer many great plans to keep you in good health while on assignment! Your health is very important to us! We offer dental and vision coverage. Plus, three comprehensive medical plan options with unique benefits and differentiating cost structures for you to choose from, including:

  • The Premium Plan
  • The High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with HSA
  • The Value Plan [Most Popular with Travelers]

Interested in selecting our Value Plan? Here are a few highlights to review before you choose:

  • Low individual premiums
  • Low family premiums
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Low copays
  • Preventive health coverage
  • Same-Sex Partner coverage
  • Unlimited Lifetime Maximum
  • Leave of absence policy

Need help picking the plan best for you? Contact your recruiter and discuss your options today!

Compensation & Reimbursement

Get more bang for your buck with PPR Education Services! From customizable pay packages to 401K and more, we provide our healthcare professionals with an array of unique benefits to make your experience with PPR as rewarding as possible!

  • Customizable Pay Packages: You control your salary from the start.
  • 401K + Roth 401k: PPR matches 50 cents on the dollar up to 4% of your compensation. You are eligible to participate immediately!
  • Expense Reimbursement: Reimbursement for expenses such as travel and/or licensure
  • Health Savings Account: Our health insurance offerings include a high deductible plan designed to complement a tax-free health savings account. This IRS approved savings account allows for you to save tax-free for current and future healthcare costs.
  • Weekly Payroll


Rest easy knowing PPR offers housing options that will make you feel at home no matter where your travel adventures take you! Choose between paid, private housing or housing stipend options below.

100% Paid, Private Housing:

Just pack and go, and we’ll handle the rest. To be more specific, we’ll provide the following FREE of charge while you’re away on assignment:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Furniture
  • Housewares (sheets, towels, pots, pans even down to the bathmats)
  • TV

PPR is a pet-friendly healthcare staffing company. We love our pets, so we love yours too! Dogs, cats and birds seem to be the easiest to place. Lions, tigers and bears are…a bit more difficult.

Housing Stipend, “Do It Yourself”:

Explore limitless options and opt for the weekly, housing allowance. Enjoy the independence of booking your own housing; spend your time and money on what is most important to you.

Beyond Your Average Benefits!

  • Chat System Support
  • Tenured recruitment staff
  • 24-hour housing and clinical support
  • One-on-one recruiter relationship (no assistants)
  • Meals and incidentals/per diem

Have questions about your benefits? Contact us today.