Now that's one incredible year.

PPR Education Services’ network of school recruiters, managers, and clinical quality specialists will help guide you through your first professional school therapy experience. Our ASHA certified supervisors will mentor you, providing educationally relevant therapy that meets the requirements for the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC). These requirements include a minimum of 1,260 hours of direct and indirect supervision equating to 35 weeks of full-time employment (35 hours per week or the equivalent of part-time employment).

With the CFY period roughly the same length as the academic year, schools are the perfect setting in which to complete your CFY. Your designated supervisor will meet with you weekly to provide feedback on direct therapy, review paperwork, help you to establish goals, and counsel you on meetings with colleagues and the families of your students. Between PPR Education Services, your supervisor and school colleagues, we will work together to ensure your first year in the workplace is one of the best.