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PPR Show Us Your Green!

March 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Amber in Contests, Culture

So, do you like St. Patty’s Day as much as we do?? Well, then…show us your green and we will show YOU some green! Contest O’Alert! So what you need to do to enter: Dress up in your favorite green St. Patty’s Day wear and snap a pic – easy right? Then, upload your pic […]

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#socialmedia = healthcare jobs

September 9th, 2013 | Posted by Amber in Culture, social-media, Traveler Tips

Social media, who doesn’t use it these days?! If you looked at the infograph you’d have noticed that quite a few people do, and that number is just going to continue to rise. But did you know that where you go to catch up on your friends activities over the weekend, via a plethora of […]

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