Contract School Therapists: Choosing the Right Staffing Company

September 26th, 2019 | Posted by bbarr in Education Services

By Elena Barker

You’ve decided to become a contract school-based therapist. Good for you! Now what? Before you start your traveling career, there are several steps you’ll need to take. And one of those steps is figuring out which staffing company is right for you, both personally and professionally. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing the right staffing company for you:

Do your homework

It’s always a good idea to research staffing companies online first. Check out their websites to get a surface-level idea of what they’re all about. Is their website easy to use and does it look professional? Do they have jobs in your specialty and in your desired locations? Keep in mind that company-provided benefits also vary across the industry, so know which benefits are important to you while you are searching for information.

Talk to other contract school therapists

Next, you should talk to other contract school therapists. Ask them about their experiences and which staffing companies they prefer. If you don’t personally know any, you can always reach out to various online contract school therapy communities. For example, Facebook has several groups you can join, like Travel Therapy Therapists

Interview potential recruiters

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to a select few staffing companies, you should call them and ask for more information about career opportunities there. While interviewing potential recruiters can help you find the answers you seek, it’s also a great way to gauge how well a company will treat you once you’re on assignment. If a recruiter doesn’t answer your questions in a timely manner or treat you with respect, then that company is not for you. After all, the recruiter/contractor relationship is vital to a successful school therapy career.

Are you ready to partner with a contract school therapy company? At PPR, we’re here to help you fulfil your personal and professional goals as a school-based therapist. Contact us today to learn more!

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