Contractors in Schools—A Great Idea

October 22nd, 2015 | Posted by Amber in Client Tips, Education Services Blog Graphic (21)


Yikes…a new school year is already under way and the holidays are already right around the corner!  School districts once again must find those special people who provide all the services kids need to fulfill their full potentials. As school administrators know, locating the right people to deliver the necessary therapies to children who need them can be daunting.

A great way to ensure that students’ needs will be met is to consider using a contractor to find those therapists/psychologists who possess specific skills stipulated by the school district.

Besides getting someone who meets the unique needs of the school system, there are other advantages of utilizing a contractor to help you find professionals to provide services to your students. Contractor recruitment companies:

  • Fill an OPEN position and start providing much needed services!!
  • Increase the candidate pool by recruiting from a large nationwide pool of professionals as opposed to just locally-based candidates.
  • Vet professionals for background, licensure, and other quality issues and present only those who meet district requirements.
  •  Have more resources for finding a selection of candidates from which the district can choose (i.e. experienced recruiters, advertising expertise, web-based resources).
  • Manage contracted professionals’ or salary, housing, travel expenses, credentialing which means the district doesn’t have to worry about these.
  • Give a district the opportunity to work with a professional to determine skills and “fit” before hiring permanently.
  • Remove a professional without cost to the district if the “fit” is not appropriate.

The district has a lot to gain with contractors. The recruitment and hiring process is simplified. Time is saved by only interviewing those professionals who meet the requirements set by the district. Also, district personnel do not have to process payroll or worry about benefits, the contractor takes care of those.

In the final analysis, the hourly cost of a contracted professional is comparable with the salary and benefits of a permanent employee, but without a lot of the hassle of recruitment and other issues that come with hiring.

School administrators can focus on providing for their students not on recruiting.

If you want people who can provide all the benefits of professional recruiters, contact us at We would love to help you find the people you need to help your students.

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