Don’t Wait Post Your Mid-year Jobs

November 4th, 2015 | Posted by Amber in Client Tips Blog Graphic (23)


How often have we heard that admonition of “Do it now, don’t wait”. And, how many times have we had to “pay” a price for procrastinating when acting proactively would have saved us so much time, energy, and hassle.

Well, for school systems, now is the time to post those mid-year therapy position needs. It will be January before you know it. Once we hit Halloween…..Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year happens practically the next day. Of course, that means the second semester can sneak up without the realization it has arrived.

The impact of the American with Disabilities Act meant jobs for therapists and psychologists who practice in a school setting have risen dramatically across the U.S. Finding these professionals can be a challenge—especially in the middle of a school year.

So…post those jobs now. Let therapists and education professionals know there are some great opportunities in some really neat places to practice. You can contact us at We are good at meeting your needs for school therapists.

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