Fall Contracts – Fall Right into the Perfect School

March 19th, 2018 | Posted by bbarr in Education Services

Before you get too comfy in that poolside lounge chair, here are a few steps to consider so you might fall effortlessly into your next school contract. The summer months are the time to solidify plans for the upcoming school year, and there are several influential factors to keep in mind while on that pursuit for the perfect school.

Things to consider when selecting a school contract position are:

1)      Location

2)      Career goals

3)      License requirements

A roadmap

Location often has a tremendous impact on what contract opportunities are on the table as possibilities. You might be a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) who is looking to see what big city life has to offer, or maybe you’re a School Psychologist exploring routes that might get you closer to family. What’s outside your window every day can play a starring role in your overall satisfaction, so let that carry its weight in your decision. Plus, the summer might afford time to visit a potential city before taking the official plunge.

Short- and long-term goal track

While the intrinsic nature of helping students is rewarding on its own, still a factor to consider is what a prospective contract can (or can’t) do for your career. Will taking a position mean more opportunity to work in a particular area where you want to build experience? Is continuing education and training a high priority at your prospective school? Does this contract put you closer to your five- or ten-year plan? Knowing where you want to be is necessary when determining how you’ll get there.

List of must-haves

When you’re nailing down your contract of choice, you’ll want to get up-to-speed on the licenses and certifications required by the state you plan to work in. Every state has its nuances, and you’d hate to neglect a detail that ends up meaning you can’t start practicing. An experienced recruiter can guide you in this process, so all your requirements are buttoned up well before the first day of school.

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