Lights, Camera, Action! Video Interviewing, Why You Should Do it.

October 4th, 2013 | Posted by Amber in Education Services, social-media, Travel Nursing, Traveler Tips

Remember when going to a job interview meant getting your best suit dry-cleaned; printing your resume on the finest paper, hopping in the car and arriving at your destination 30 minutes early; just in case. That is sooooo old school these days.

With new video interviewing technology, it is possible to conduct that interview right from your smart phone or home computer. It’s easy, convenient and a pretty awesome way to set you apart from the rest of the pack.

So what is in it for you? Well, it is like a face-to-face interview but much, much more convenient. It can be done anytime, pretty much anywhere and you don’t have to worry about the dry-cleaning (just need a clean shirt!). Also, it gives that person doing the hiring a better idea of who you are and if you will fit within their team.

But what we think is most important….it sets your profile apart from all the rest. As many of you know, there are times when 15+ profiles are submitted to one job. Why not make yours stand out?!?!

            “I have had several therapists complete video interviews this year. New Grads, experienced contractors, and even therapists new to the school setting. The school districts commented on how much they loved them and how much they set our candidates apart. All of them got the job!” –Christina Kennedy – Senior Recruiter – Education Services

Video interviews are a good way to differentiate yourself from others looking for a new position. It elevates you to not just a resume on paper, but a real person who knows how to use technology and is not afraid to “think out of the box”.

Have you done a video interview before? Tell us your experience!


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