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Paying it forward in a big, little way.

October 13th, 2017 | Posted by Allie in Education Services

Think back to when you were young. There’s likely an adult who made a lasting impression that you still remember today. Maybe it was an English teacher who made you enjoy picking up a book or a coach who believed in your abilities when you doubted them. A school therapist can be that one person to many, because they help students realize their individual potential while giving them the tools to conquer a variety of challenges.


As a contract therapist, you have the golden opportunity to care for our country’s next generation and make a true difference. Contracts range from occupational therapy, psychological and counseling to speech therapy. While needs and teaching environments change, seeing your students flourish and grow to enjoy learning is a constant reward that will never grow old.


If you have what it takes to be a school therapist, check out the current available opportunities.

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