School is Cool for SLPs

January 9th, 2017 | Posted by Amber in Education Services

Whoever said school wasn’t cool, obviously wasn’t a school-based Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)!

If you are considering making the transition from a clinical setting to a school-based therapy position, it’s important to know your options. Switching to a school-based setting offers tons of benefits including:

  • Consistent work environment
  • Set schedule that promotes healthful work-life balance
  • Consistent caseloads with consistent responsibilities
  • Patient success can be more personally rewarding
  • Close by clinical support

And…the benefits don’t end there, but before we go any further, take a minute and ask yourself, “Why did I become an SLP?”

Did you become an SLP to help people unable to communicate? Was it to work with kids? Or maybe, to simply empower people who are speech and language impaired? Whatever your reason, you can achieve it by working in a school close to you. By helping children communicate, you can help them not only succeed, but also empower them to reach their dreams.

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