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Tapping into your inner creative with your students.

October 24th, 2017 | Posted by Allie in Education Services

Kids want interesting. They aren’t going to grasp the important points via a PowerPoint presentation that is unless it’s a superhero running the meeting. Abstract shapes and bright colors will keep their attention far longer than a grayscale line graph. School therapists know this and it’s why they tap into their inner creativity regularly to find the most effective ways to reach their students.


“One of the wonderful things about creativity is that it belongs to everyone, and we can find it almost everywhere,” said American Counseling Association President Thelma Duffey in a Counseling Today article.


Music, books, film, movement or a craft project can all inspire positive shifts in students. Creativity is more accessible now than ever before through blogs, YouTube videos, and professional Pinterest boards. As a contract therapist, you can let your imagination escape the “tried and true” and instead explore how creative elements can pave the way for more successful sessions.


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