The Best Content for Speech Language Pathologists in 2019

December 20th, 2018 | Posted by bbarr in Uncategorized

Once you’ve been out in the field for a few years it can be hard to find resources as a speech language pathologist. Whether it’s someone to turn to as a mentor, a blog outlining the best new SLP tools, or a podcast you can relate with (yes, you made the right career choice!). You’re not alone when it comes to tracking down great content so we compiled this list of the best blogs to follow as an SLP!

Sublime Speech

From budget-friendly must-haves to the huge decision of whether or not to pursue more school, Sublime Speech covers it all. The blog was started by Danielle Reed, M.S., CCC-SLP, who believes that “boring isn’t beneficial!” and it shows when you read through her content. She’s light-hearted but educational, and never boring.

Speech Lady Liz

To keep kids engaged, you have to be engaging too. Speech Lady Liz is a lesson in engagement. Her blogs are worth a read for their style, tone, and advice. She has a helpful section for parents, which can always be used in helping families understand things like Auditory Processing. Bonus points go to Liz for adding the family section. That’s one section we don’t see often.

Speech Room News

To be an expert, go-to in your industry is a dream for many. Speech Room News is one-part blog, and one-part resources. There are blogs about why you should be learning targets, but there are also downloadable door hangers and AAC Word of the Week packets. The gold in the content here is being able to learn strategy, then but it to go use with templates, like the Education Impact Templates.  


Meaghan, Jill, and Karen (all SLPS) started All4MyChild centered around collaborative tools and technology. If you’re more the time to use an iPhone over construction paper in your lesson planning, All4MyChild is for you.From apps to support social development to an app for monitoring more than 60 social skills across 7 areas of development, All4MyChild has for you all in one place.

The Speech Guy

We first found Jeremy from the hashtag #SLPeeps, and since then we’ve been learning about the intersection of SLP and tech. With a heavy focus on tech, The Speech Guy covers adapted apps and product reviews over personal, industry focused advice.

The Speech Ladies

With a combined effort The Speech Ladies are a mother-daughter SLP duo with contributions from an almost-there SLP. Being their backgrounds are in all three stages of an SLP career, the content runs the gamut from educational to personal (like one blog about the Speech Lady’s wedding). Recent posts include advice for creating a bulletin board on cinder blocks, and actual photos of The Speech Lady’s classroom for reference.

Speech Techie

Another tech-oriented blog is Speech Techie by Sean Sweeney who is a regular presenter at ASHA and Boston University on using technology for Speech and Language therapy. We love this blog for its wealth of resources. If you only read one thing from his blog, don’t miss the Speech Techies SLP app list.

Talk It Up

Talk It Up is a new blog on the scene focusing on activities and SLP-hacks such as Speech Buddies. Ashley, the SLP who started the blog works with children grade 1-8. When it comes to content, think: Short Synonym Lesson and Favorite (non-iPad) Therapy Materials.

To follow these blog and keep up on the new content you can either bookmark this page, or sign up to follow the individual blogs. Do you have questions about becoming an SLP? Our recruiters are always on board to help. Contact us today with your questions!


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