The Best Parts of Being a School PT

August 5th, 2019 | Posted by bbarr in Education Services

By Aubrey Schieuer

School-based physical therapists make their children’s lives better in so many ways. Many kids’ lives are changed by learning new skills, growing developmentally, and gaining confidence with their physical therapists. Being a school-based PT has a lot of perks for the therapist, too. Read on to see the best parts of being a school physical therapist.

Excellent Pay

While pay isn’t the only factor while considering a job, it is important. According to, the average school-based PT salary is $66,360 as of July 2019. Not bad for having summers off!

Scheduling Flexibility

Many medical professionals have a demanding schedule that isn’t theirs to choose. Physical therapists who work in a hospital often have long shifts with little time for relief. School-based PTs, on the other hand, have a lot more say in their day-to-day. You get to choose when you take lunch, have a break, and go home. Having this autonomy goes a long way in giving you some stress-relief times throughout the day.

New Environments

As a PT working on contract, you have a lot of options for where you want to go! Currently there are PT openings in Washington, Arizona, California, Maine, Oregon, and a whole lot more. If you love to travel, this freedom to explore new locations is perfect for you. You get to be paid a great salary while exploring a totally different environment. Bon voyage!

Job Security

There will always be a high demand for people with advanced medical knowledge. But schools are required by law to support children with special needs. School enrollment has increased every year over the past decade, which means there are plenty of students that you can help. As a contract PT with highly desirable skills, you’ll have a lot of opportunities and don’t need to worry about lay-offs or downsizing.

Making a Difference

You’ll meet a lot of really great kids as a school-based PT. The awesome thing is your work directly impacts their lives. You can help students get stronger, become more flexible, and reduce pain. Seeing their progress over the course of an entire school year can be extremely motivating. What other profession can give you that same satisfaction? There’s simply no other job like a school PT.

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