The Importance of the Recruiter-Contractor Relationship

October 2nd, 2018 | Posted by bbarr in Uncategorized

Good relationships take engagement and thoughtful interaction from both parties, including the relationships between job seekers and staffing recruiters. Relationship building doesn’t need to happen just for the educator and nurse, and the facility or school!

A staffing professional is there to provide expertise, industry contacts and job leads — on behalf of an organization. In order for all three parties, including the client to benefit from the use of a recruiter. For candidates to take full advantage of all their resources, they need to do their part to help them, too. Here are some of the ways that a good recruiter-contractor relationship can benefit all parties involved.

Better Placements

The stronger a relationship between a candidate and recruiter, the stronger the placement. An employer wouldn’t hire someone blindly, and recruiters don’t place candidate blindly, either. For a recruiter to successfully place candidates, it’s by really getting to know the applicant. That open communication creates an understanding of your capabilities as a therapist, nurse or teacher. Ideally, you should be able to tell your recruiter details of your background, experience, needs, wants, dislikes, and preferences. From there a recruiter can match you for the best placement possible using what they’ve learned about you through the process to make an informed decision on your behalf.

Realistic Expectations

Recruiters act as the “middle man” between schools and facilities. If you speak to your recruiter often and are on a level where they can be honest with you about expectations and realities of a position, you’ll be better off in the long run. The realistic views of expectations goes both ways though. Not only will candidates know what to expect, recruiters can know what to expect when placing a client if there’s a steady stream of communication throughout the process.

Best-Fit Scenario

The more your recruiter knows about you — the better of you will be. The good, the bad, and the ugly, as they say. Sharing pertaintant information with your recruiter can help them ensure you are in the right placement. Terminated contacts in the past, awards of you’ve won, and other accomplishments are all things that you should talk to your recruiter about. Recruiters are there to judge — they’re there to represent you in the best way possible to ensure you get that position you’ll love.

Easier Rejections and Terminated Contracts

Terminated contracts and rejection happens often and isn’t necessarily a negative. When schools or facilities decide on another candidate, it’s often for that best-fit scenario. If you weren’t the best candidate for that specific location, it’s probably a good thing for all parties to decide before sending you away for 13 weeks. There’s always a better location and position to be found for you. Sometimes a contract is terminated based on needs. Sometimes it’s because the candidate wasn’t the right fit. Neither of these scenarios are a great place to be BUT if you have a healthy relationship with your recruiter, they can talk you through next steps and help you understand the when, where, and hows.

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