Time-Saving Tips for School SLPs

August 21st, 2019 | Posted by bbarr in Education Services

By Aubrey Schieuer

School-based speech language pathologists have a lot going on: meetings with parents and teachers, filling out IEPs, filing paperwork, and, of course, improving the lives of their students. Looking for ways to streamline your fabulous, yet fast-paced, SLP schedule? Look no further! Here are 5 simple time-saving tips to make your caseload lighter and your school year brighter.

Organize Your Worksheets

Use page protectors to keep your favorite worksheets lasting longer and in good condition. You don’t even need to make copies — just have students use dry erase markers and wipe them clean after every use! Keep worksheets organized together by skill, so you’ll always know which one to grab.

Set a Timer

Do you steal guilty glances at the clock more than you’d like? Use your phone to set a timer so you’ll know exactly when a student’s session is over. That way you can wrap things up and be on time for your next session!

Use Tech to Keep Connected

Sometimes you have a few minutes to work on something quick, or you want to reference a file real quick. If all of your papers are, well, paper, then putting your more frequently used documents in the cloud makes them easier for you to get to. Google Drive and Dropbox are two great options for keeping your digital files always accessible.

Have Games Handy

Sometimes students have bad days where they can’t seem to focus on anything. Don’t waste time thinking up a new activity on the spot — instead, have a few games around to inject some lightheartedness. Some awesome games for school SLPs include: Guess Who?, Blurt!, Bop It, Zingo, and Apples to Apples. Having a bit of fun is sure to engage your student and get them back on track.

Take Time for You

Taking extra time? Isn’t this list all about saving time? Absolutely: having some time all to yourself can actually result in less stress, better time management, and greater job satisfaction. Whether it’s a meditation in the morning, a moment of peace and quiet with your coffee, or a walk outside, giving yourself a little head space will mean a less stressful, more productive day.

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