Traveling Occupational Therapist

April 3rd, 2018 | Posted by bbarr in Education Services, Travel Tips

Did you know that you can get paid to travel the country while providing therapy to students in need? There are classrooms nationwide that are in need of an Occupational Therapist just like you. The life of a contract school therapist allows for travel opportunities from coast-to-coast!

School districts across the country are required to provide therapy to the students in their district. To fill these demands, they look for therapists just like you. These contracts can last anywhere from a semester to an entire school year.

Due to the short nature of these contracts and the high demand nationwide, the opportunities for travel are endless.

Your job matters to kids. And that matters to us. If you would like to learn more about traveling occupational therapy opportunities nationwide, chat with one of our tenured recruiters today. They will guide you through the process and help you find the adventure you are seeking.

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