Understanding Travel Reimbursement

November 20th, 2018 | Posted by bbarr in Education Services, Travel Tips

As an education healthcare professional working in temporary jobs, it’s very important to keep yourself posted on the rules and regulations regarding mileage and travel reimbursement.

In fact, it can all be a little confusing sometimes when making attempts at understanding travel reimbursement— wondering what’s eligible, what’s not, and what the rates for reimbursement are at state and federal levels. This is one area where you can really lean on your recruiter who can help you make sense of all of it. And even if they don’t know off-top, any agency worth their salt has subject matter experts on their team who can act as resources and help answer questions for you in this area.

But before you contact them with any questions, good old Google can often be of help in answering your own questions. Just make sure you’re careful to consult direct sources to ensure that you’re getting accurate, timely information. In other words, don’t just Google “travel and mileage reimbursement rates in Texas” and accept information from any old source. Make sure you are on a relevant state or federal site and even then, make sure you are viewing up-to-date info.

For example, here you can see the Texas Education Agency has posted travel and mileage reimbursement information for 2018. The site is a reputable .gov website and the links provided go to other such reputable site for the state of Texas. So, at this point you know you are on the right track.

As noted on TEA’s website, effective January 1, 2018, reimbursement rate info was updated with maximum automobile mileage reimbursement set to 54.5 cents per mile and the maximum rate for meal reimbursement for non-overnight travel set to $36. The mileage reimbursement went up from 53.5 cents per mile in 2017 to the 54.5 figure in 2018, so here you can see the importance of finding accurate, up-to-date info!

As always, PPR Education Services is always here should you have any questions about understanding travel reimbursement rates or anything else. Feel free to contact us anytime!

Written by Sarah Wengert

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